WRATH OF THE TITANS Trailer Is Ridiculous But What Did We Expect?

Just like the utterly horrific Clash of the Titans remake, the unwanted sequel trailer is all crash, bang, wallop with plenty of CGI monsters and hammy dialogue and pre-school level plot specifics.

From the sublime The Dark Knight Rises trailer comes the ridiculous with Warner Bros. unleashing the Wrath of the Titans trailer to us unexpectedly last night. There was no fanfare for this one, no teaser for a trailer or a viral campaign... just the releasing of the loud and thunderous trailer that gives us a certain deja vu feeling with the original film. Certainly if you were a fan of the 2009 film, you will be in for a treat here. Just like the first trailer for the utterly horrific Clash of the Titans remake, the unwanted sequel is all crash, bang, wallop with plenty of CGI monsters and hammy dialogue and pre-school level plot specifics that don't do any justice at all to the real intrigue and depth of these legendary stories. Nor does it live up to the fun of the Ray Harryhausen induced 80's adaptation. At least this one has been shot in 3D instead of post-transferred but none of this can disguise how utterly banal this movie looks. I guess we couldn't have expected anything better with Jonathan Liebesman at the helm, a new favourite among studio execs but he was the hack responsible for the ridiculous Battle: Los Angeles earlier this year, perhaps the worst film of the summer. Watch the trailer below, scored of course to Marilyn Manson's 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)' cover, which is the go-to song these days when an action blockbuster needs an extra kick to make it feel edgier and significant. It of course doesn't work. The plot for the sequel revolves around monstrous titans being unleashed from captivity as a threat to the Gods and the world as we know it. Zeus (Liam Neeson picking up his paycheck) convinces his son Perseus (Sam Worthington... in the worst bit of acting of his career as that scene unfolds in the trailer, not that the wig he is sporting helps matters) to fight them in the same nonsensical, CGI overloaded, PS3 style action sequences. If those kind of games where one warrior kills a thousand monsters gets boring after five minutes when playing, what about watching a movie like that where you aren't even in control? Ralph Fiennes (paycheck) reprises his Hades role from the original, Rosamund Pike replaces poor Alexa Davalos who was subbed when her part as Andromeda was increased and new additions include Edgar Ramirez (Ares, The God of War) and Toby Kebbell (Agenor). Bill Nighly is also on board as Hephaestus, a son of Zeus, a grotesque and hideous (at least in the eyes of the Greeks) blacksmith God who represented manufacture and industry. Danny Huston also reprises Poseidon but as his part was all but left on the cutting room floor last time out, it's surprisingly to note that he has returned and doesn't even make the trailer. Encouragingly Steve Knight (Eastern Promises) has contributed the latest draft of the script, so hopefully he€™s cut the crappy parts that took two previous writers Dan Mazeau (Bruno) and David Leslie Johnson (Orphan) to be hired then fired. Wrath of the Titans is coming sooner than you think, just a couple of months away now from its March 30, 2012 release date.
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