Wrong Turn director gets Insomnia

insomnia.jpgAlthough he must be the only one on the planet, Stephen King apparently liked the 2003 horror movie Wrong Turn. He liked the movie so much that he has convinced it's helmer Rob Schmidt to direct his 700 page epic novel Insomnia into a feature film. The movie is far from my favourite King novel and if I'm honest, I'm not fully convinced it's actually filmable with it's disjointed narrative and epic story. Though like Moriarity says at AICN, every King story is going to be made into a film eventually.
Ralph Roberts, a widower suffering from insomnia, begins to experience strange visual phenomena and is unable to believe that they are merely hallucinations.
Schmidt's next movie is the horror flick The Alphabet Killer which he shot with his Wrong Turn star Eliza Dushku and opens in November. source - dread central

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