WWE's John Cena Injures Actor During Movie Stunt Gone Wrong

Check out the footage here...

Footage has surfaced of John Cena accidentally injuring actor Eric Andre during a stunt gone wrong.

A video is doing the rounds on Twitter that shows Cena crashing the set in wrestling gear and throwing Andre through some rigged shelving to the floor. Andre has since told Jimmy Kimmel Live that he suffered a concussion when one of the metal shelves bumped his head.

Eric can be seen looking rather confused towards the end of the social media clip.


The new series of The Eric Andre Show premieres on Adult Swim beginning 25 October, and it's believed the painful stunt won't be edited out of the final cut.


Andre hasn't thrown Cena under the bus for what happened; he told Kimmel that Cena performed the stunt correctly, but said that they hadn't prepared properly beforehand. Eric was taken to hospital shortly after filming wrapped, and was horrified to find a "Bugs Bunny" bump on the side of his head.

Cue jokes about pro wrestlers not knowing their own strength.


Seriously though, it's a good thing that Andre is alright and that there's no heat between he and Cena.

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