X-Men Dark Phoenix: 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions We Still Have

Why does nobody age!?

Dark Phoenix Jean Grey Sophie Turner

After a troubled production which included extensive re-shoots, delays and the headache of the Disney/Fox merger, Dark Phoenix is finally in cinemas and, uh, it's pretty much as forgettably underwhelming as you'd expect.

It is a baffling, eyebrow-raising film in many respects, yet one that certainly leaves the audience with plenty to chew over once the end credits roll.

The X-Men franchise has never been great with maintaining a consistent internal logic, and that's no truer than here, where basic elements of previous movies (and a certain future timeline) are ignored at best or contradicted at worst.

Elsewhere, the series' biggest continuity issue is still a problem, several character arcs don't really make much sense, and audiences are left to speculate on exactly where things would've gone from here - because a tidy farewell to the series this is not.

The fact that the film leaves so many hanging questions is a testament to just how flat and unsatisfying it truly turned out...


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