X-Men Days Of Future Past Trailer: 6 Time-Travelling Headaches Already Created

Time travel: the quickest way to confuse your entire audience.

The X-Men films are no stranger to continuity problems. Ever since the disaster that was X-Men: The Last Stand, the series has flipped back and forth between respecting the continuity set out by that awful film in spite of its faults (as The Wolverine did) or outright ignoring it (as X-Men: First Class did). Although the series got an honest reboot a couple of years back with X-Men: First Class, it was clear the producers were still holding onto the old cast for various unexplained reasons (perhaps because they hadn't quite got their money's worth on the outrageous amounts of talent in the original ensemble), and to a similar extent, the continuity of the original trilogy. Now we are seeing what we rarely do with rebooted franchises - both casts, old and new, are on a collision course in the time travel based X-Men: Days Of Future Past, where they will resolve all the problematic continuity once and for all. It's commonly-known that the new X-Men film is going to fix the franchise's extremely rocky timeline and potentially eradicate some of The Last Stand's worst excesses. However, there's a chance the film's time-travelling could confuse things all the more, and if we're looking at the already-bonkers new trailer, you can see that all sorts of hard questions are raised that will need to be answered. Enjoy our speculation, and try not to get a headache from all the time-traveling paradoxes...

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