Boring and lame black suits which plagued the X-Men franchise turn up in Stephen Sommers' movie.

I thought the cool thing about G.I. Joe was that each character was so individual - they all have their own unique attire, attributes and personality which could all be transformed into cool toys marketing for kids. Instead they have gone for the watered down X-Men route. God I hated those bland "team" suits where everyone was wearing the same lame black uniform, I mistake that I think waters down their characters, especially someone like Cyclops. After that image of Rachel Nichols as Scarlett leaked a few days ago we feared that "black" was the uniform colour and we were right. These looks so boring... Channing Tatum as Duke.


Sienna Miller as Baroness. Just what is going on with those glasses?


Modelling the G.I. Joe camoflauge attire is model Karloina Kurkova. This is a movie you know...


Marlon Wayans as Ripcord.


Rachel Nichols as Scarlett. How ridiculous is this suit? Byung-hun Lee as Storm Shadow who looks like he just dropped out of The Matrix and Baroness again. Those heels can't be practical.


A few new shots of Ray Park of Snake Eyes...


And then Grandad Dennis Quaid as Hawk.


source - worst previews, filmstalker, fandomania
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