X-Men VFX Artist Tim Miller To Direct DEADPOOL

There's more chance of Nelson getting his eye-back than Ryan Reynolds ever starring as Deadpool in a stand-alone feature film at Fox. You can take that to the bank. I've said it for two years - he's now a part of the DC Comics/Warner Bros family and has chosen for his superhero career to rest on Green Lantern's shoulders and Fox producer Lauren Shuler Donner needs to come to terms with this instead of being happy to be strung along. Green Lantern opens in July, will no doubt do immense business and next year production will begin on it's sequel. Meanwhile, Reynolds has other commitments and other projects he has chosen to make over Deadpool, including the comic adaptation of R.I.P.D. that shoots this summer. If he loved Deadpool as much as he claims (he really doesn't - The Flash was the one he loved but when WB won't greenlight the character - he took the first big superhero gig that came his way), then why wouldn't he film it now? Fox have a screenplay from Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick that they are keen on and €œit€™s an R script, it€™s really irreverent and violent€ but Reynolds keeps veering off to other things because he just ain't that interested no more. Why would he be? He's Green Lantern. Deadline are reporting tonight that Tim Miller, a visual effects artist who worked on the first two X-Men movies and Fox's Daredevil has been graduated from within for his feature film directing debut... but until Fox come to terms with the need to drop Reynolds, then it's gonna be a while before they get it off the ground. Miller is the third different helmer to be attached to Deadpool after Robert Rodriguez and Swedish rookie Adam Berg flirted with the project last year, probably both knowing too well that the future was green for Reynolds. Note to Fox: Just drop Reynolds already and stop making your character feel second-rate and an afterthought to WB's Lantern (which it is). Re-cast, move on. It's not like you guys are sticking with the continuity of the character from his first film appearance anyway, so a re-casting would probably do you some good. Or better yet... just drop the project altogether and focus on getting X-Men 4 into production next year with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine at the forefront and forget all this spin-off nonsense.
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