Yippe Kay Yay: DIE HARD 5 Will Send John McClane To Russia?

Noam Murro will no longer direct but reports say John Moore, the hack behind Max Payne and Behind Enemy Lines, has been offered the next installment in the Bruce Willis franchise that could be heading to Russia.

According to Twitch, the pending 5th installment in the Die Hard franchise will find our favourite cueball Bruce Willis' John McClane and his son (also named John McClane) in Russia, in what would be the first film in the series not set in the States. The last we heard of Fox's Die Hard 5 was back in June when news emerged that the next film in the series would be directed by Noam Murro (Smart People), however this (thankfully... as he never seemed right for it) doesn€™t look to be the case any longer as he has decided to helm another project that was developing much quicker, 300: Battle Of Artemisia, Warner Bros' prequel to 300. Murro is out and there is currently no director set for number five, though Twitch say;
"Nothing is definite yet but our sources tell us that John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines, Max Payne) has been told that the film is essentially his to take or leave'.
How, very, underwhelming. But then as Bruce Willis' ego seems to get bigger with every starring vehicle, did we really expect anything but a hack taking on a Die Hard movie? €œLive Free or Die Hard€ was the last movie to feature everyone€™s favorite New York City Policeman, though this time instead of Samuel L. Jackson, or Reginald ValJohnson (the dad from €œFamily Matters€) he was paired up with a young hacker played by Justin Long. As you may recall the story revolved around Thomas Gabriel (Timmy Olyphant), a disgruntled computer programmer, using cyberspace to attack the United States. The movie was the most successful entry in the brand raking in over $383 million worldwide but in most peoples eyes the film was by far and away the worst in the series. The film was almost disowned by many Die Hard fans because it was watered down to snag a PG-13 rating as opposed to an €œR€ like all the others. People also felt some of the scenes were over the top, even for Die Hard. Personally, I thought it was a great movie. . While it€™s true that there was no credibility to it, consider this: there was no credibility to the FIRST movie in the series. McClane managed to dispatch almost all the terrorists without being killed himself, dodging more bullets in the movie than Neo did in every €œMatrix€ film in the process. And after Die Hard: With a Vengeance portraying the heroic John McClane as a drunk and a loser, I was glad to see a sequel that returned him to his upstanding roots. The only issue I had with that movie was that John and Holly had divorced (in the previous installment they were merely separated). This is troublesome since he spent the first two movies trying to save her! If killing 100 terrorists and renegade soldiers doesn€™t prove a guys love for his old lady, what does?! What say you on a Die Hard 5 set in Russia and potentially directed by the hack who ruined the Max Payne movie? (P.S. - those ads above are of Bruce Willis promoting a well known Russian bank in a huge deal he struck late last year. Would we be over cynical to suggest he has pushed for a fifth Die Hard movie to go to Russia to help boost his ad returns?)

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