You were in AMERICAN BEAUTY right, the one with the rose petals?

I've had a couple of opportunities to interview some semi-famous film figures over the course of the last year, two of whom actually have Oscar statues in their mantelpiece. I even got the chance to go on a National Radio program back in March to talk about ZODIAC but after much deliberation... I turned all of the above down. Part of the reason is that I'm an extremely busy guy and they were both pretty much at short notice. I feel that's kinda how these things work. I literally had like 20 mins in each case to prepare and I didn't think it was anywhere near long enough. I think for any interview you should at least give the person you are interviewing the respect of knowing as much about the subject matter as you possibly can. Which makes this so funny and so god damn cringe worthy. What do they teach these students at film school?

Let's hope that Mr. Cusack was being mistaken for Kevin Spacey and not poor Wes Bentley, because when that day comes... you really should think about retiring.

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