You will like THE INCREDIBLE HULK when he's BLU!

Ok, so for many of us it's now a matter of a day or two before we will get to see how Marvel have got on with their much harder to adapt but more publicly well known superhero The Incredible Hulk.

It's a trim movie, coming in at under two hours in length which is far shorter than the usual recent superhero fare but according to director Louis Leterrier's latest comments to Collider, it wasn't always that way. In fact he gives us the quite startling news that 70 minutes of the film have been cut and WILL be placed back onto the BLU-RAY DVD RELEASE of the movie. It's not known at this time whether the same thing will happen with the standard DVD as it's the large capacity of the Blu-Ray disc that allows this. Letterier says of the cut...
"We killed some of my babies, some of his babies. Like in the 70 minutes in you'll see a scene that was actually in the trailer where you see the Ty Burrell character having a nice introspective talk with Edward."
In a completely different interview with SOS Hollywood, Letterier reveals that one such scene was the introduction of Captain America...
€œThere€™s a point when Bruce Banner gives up on his quest for the cure and decide to kill himself. So he travels far North and reaches the Arctic Circle. You might have seen bits of it in some of the promos. The result was a very dark and strong scene, which Marvel, me and everyone else€™s considered to be too hard to young audiences to take, so we€™ve cut it. Having that said, when Bruce arrives at his destination he meets up with Captain America! At some point this week, we will make it available on the internet €“ but I cannot tell you where or when €“ and the material will definitely be on the DVD.€
70 minutes? Boy, they really didn't trust the casual fan to sit that long did they? Well it's nice for the fans to see the extended cut on DVD of course but my God, 70 minutes of film lost from the theatrical cut? With that kind of length, it's not really a case of let's hope it doesn't show but let's hope it doesn't show too much. source - /film
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