You Won't Beat This Star Wars Original Trilogy Quiz

See just how much you know about the original trilogy of Star Wars films with this quiz.


It's an undisputed fact that Star Wars is one of the most influential and ubiquitous franchises of all time.

In 1977 George Lucas created a global phenomenon when he showed us the world of Star war, and right from the start he made a world that was filled with hundreds of species and planets, creating one of the most complete universes ever. Since then, people have been fascinated by this galaxy far, far away, with its lightsabers, Jedi, Stormtroopers and The Force.

For many, the original trilogy of films are the definitive instalments of this epic franchise, and it's easy to see why.

From the first entrance of Darth Vader and the destruction of the Death Star in A New Hope, to the battle on the icy planet of Hoth and Han being frozen in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back, and the dark criminal underworld of Jabba the Hutt's palace and death of the Emperor in Return Of The Jedi, the trilogy was filled with many exciting and emotional moments that endeared an army of fans to this monumental piece of cinema history.

1. What Company Built The Millenium Falcon?


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