You'll Never Be Able To 100% This Akira Quiz

How much do you remember about one of the most influential anime moves of all time?


Despite coming out over three decades ago, the legendary anime movie Akira has stood the test of time and is still loved by fans around the world.

The epic journey of Testsuo, Kaneda and the rest of the characters has not only been a major influence on anime in general, but has impacted pop culture across mediums too. All in all, it's safe to say that no other anime has made an impression like Katsuhiro Otomo's masterpiece has.

From the mysterious government conspiracy that slowly unfolds throughout the film, to the incredible action sequences that have put a number of live action sequences to shame, Akira was able to mix a number of genres, subject matters and tones into a sensational smorgasbord of science fiction.

If you're an anime connoisseur then Akira should be the type of movie that gets a re-watch every few years. However, considering it came out just over three decades ago, how much of the film's overall plot do you remember?

We've gone through the movie and created one of the toughest quizzes on the film that you'll ever find. So if you're up to the task and think you can answer the questions without having to use your own psychic abilities then let's see what you've got...

Answers at the end!

1. What Is The Name Of The City Akira Takes Place In?


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