You'll Never Be Able To 100% This Superbad Quiz!

How much do you remember about about Evan, Seth and Mclovin's epic journey for booze?

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It's been an incredible 12 years since comedy classic, Superbad, made its debut on theatres around the world. The much-loved story of three, not very cool teenagers trying to get alcohol for a house party has been done a number of times before, but none of them have managed to have the same sort of success or heart that Superbad had.

Although everyone loved and could relate to the trials and tribulations of Evan, Seth and the legendary McLovin', how many believe they've got the sort of memory that would help them answer one of the hardest Superbad quizzes you'll ever find?

We've rewatched the film, read the interviews and found a bunch of tidbits that only someone who truly loves this movie will be able to answer. From the big moments, like McLovin' being taken by the the most reckless police officers ever and how the trio actually manage to get alcohol to Jules' party, to little obscure pieces of information that we won't even hint towards.

Do you think you're the Superbad super fan who can answer all of these questions? Let's find out.

Answers at the end!

1. Who Directed Superbad?


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