You'll Never Get 100% On This Christopher Nolan Quiz

How much of a Nolanite are you?


Christopher Nolan is unquestionably one of the most exciting, innovative, and successful filmmakers to make his name in Hollywood over the last two decades, venturing from the modest origins of his low-budget 1998 debut Following to his impossibly ambitious recent tentpole, Tenet.

On a personal level Nolan is an intensely private, guarded individual, but as a filmmaker he's a never-ending well of fascination, both in terms of the themes he continually returns to, and his constant desire to push the technical limits of practical-minded cinema.

But from his low-fi origins through to his groundbreaking work in the superhero genre and his totally original tentpole projects, how well do you really know Nolan's body of work?

How well do you remember the plots, the characters, and the most fleeting moments in Nolan's films? You'll certainly need an over-the-odds knowledge of the man's filmography to have even a chance of getting 100% here, so indeed, this quiz will separate the Nolanites from the pretenders.

Either way, the answers will be revealed at the end. Good luck!

1. What Is The Title Of Nolan's 1997 Short Film?


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