You'll Never Get 100% On This Thor: The Dark World Quiz

If you haven't revisited Thor: The Dark World in a while, there's a lot you may have forgot.

Thor The Dark World

Okay, let's all address the elephant in the room. Thor: The Dark World is often seen as the weakest link in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, it has one of the most generic villains in the franchise, Natalie Portman's character could've been handled a lot better, and the comedy doesn't always land.

Having said that, the film has moments that aren't just great but superior than its predecessor. In the last film, Heimdall and Frigga were wasted and Odin spent most the story lying in bed. This time, all of these characters are entrenched in the story, giving them an opportunity to shine. Tom Hiddleston gave a solid performance as Loki in Thor but it was in this entry where the world truly fell in love with the character. Loki is so delightfully charming, there is no question he is the highlight of the film.

If you forgot these redeeming qualities, it makes you wonder what else you forgot.

To see how well you remember Thor: The Dark World, we've complied a quiz as tough as Mjolnir that only true believers will be able to get 100% on.

Answers at the end!

1. What Is The Artefact That Malekith Desires?


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