You're Next Review

Youre Next Movie Image 021 Not since the remake of Evil Dead have I been so eager to trudge over to a theatre and endure the stupidity of the masses so as to enjoy a film on the big screen. Not since Evil Dead have I been able to heartily chuckle and shout for joy at the near-flawless execution. Unlike every other film I've seen in 2013, You're Next provided an experience - one that I would happily revisit with a new audience who have yet to bear witness to the flick's sheer awesomeness. And then there are the villains. Those mysterious figures who cloak their appearance with the hauntingly indifferent expressions of a sheep, fox and tiger. I loved the simplicity of their look and the devastatingly routine way in which they approach each of their kills. They are hunters and their patient tendencies belie a very cruel and calculated nature. Their very look is menacing and every encounter with them is mounted by tension and fueled by absolute dread. Dug. It. Any qualms? Well, a handful. While You're Next spends a great deal of time toying with stereotypical assumptions and genre tropes, I was a tad disappointed for two early moments to fall back on cliché. One such moment has our desperate family discover the maimed body of one of their own. After "paying their respects," they leave the bedroom housing the mutilated corpse. However, for some reason, one character sees fit to remain in the room without anyone else's knowledge. Thankfully, this is one of the few moments in which I was in question over motivation and even better, it only lasts for a few seconds before giving way to a jaw-dropping portion of bloodshed. Also, one brief ditty of exposition felt a tad too convenient as - for this reviewer - wasn't necessary and was the only thing that felt a wee bit farfetched amidst all of the havoc occurring. However, none of these gripes truly tarnished my enjoyment as oh-so-much was done so damn right. By the end of You're Next, I was bobbing my head to the '80s inspired synth beats, relishing the ear-ripping musical themes which foreshadowed the monstrous intruders (I loved that vibrational "purr" sound) and went slack-jawed each and every time the narrative and its heroine surpassed my expectations. You're Next possesses frenetic energy, ingenuity and balls. Balls to do what nearly every other big studio film has failed to do and actually craft a slice of cinema that can surprise for all of the right reasons. You're Next is everything The Purge wishes it could've been. Elysium was a massive disappointment; Kick-Ass: 2 was a wimp of a flick; Only God Forgives was a garbled, pretentious mess; The Purge was... well, it was The Purge and practically every other spring and summer flick was an utter miss. You're Next is the little film that could. A passion project from people with a definite love of the genre who were finally given the chance to shine. And shine they do. You're Next doesn't just rise above the pack, it sets a new standard for which they all need to follow. You're Next is out in UK theatres on Wednesday 28th August. Seen this movie? Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments section below.

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