Zack Snyder Refuses 3D for SUCKER PUNCH

Avatar struck gold with it's ridiculous $2.7 BILLION taking, almost every studio in town has made plans for their forthcoming blockbusters to emulate Fox's success either by filming in 3D, or by taking the cheap post-conversation process. It's a literal goldmine for studios and producers right now; slap a 3D label on a movie poster and it justifies a much higher admission fee and usually results in more Joe Popcorn interest. And although audiences are being delivered an inferior product (as opposed to being shot in native 3D), the process is here to stay because audiences don't know any better and haven't yet caught on to the fact they are being conned. As long as profits are soaring high, we will be stuck with this reality. But while studios are enjoying their new seduction-scheme, certain directors have been pretty verbal about their lack of interest in the conversion. One of those directors is Zack Snyder, the mastermind behind both 300 and Watchmen. MTV News spoke with Snyder recently about the possibility of his high-octane, nearly all female, alternative reality action flick Sucker Punch (or as originally pitched; 'Alice in Wonderland with machine guns') being converted to 3D in post production. The director's response was pretty surprising, especially as Warner Bros. have been pretty adamant to date that Sucker Punch will be in 3D. Has Snyder stood up for what he believes in? €œWe didn€™t shoot in 3-D... They€™ve talked about doing a conversion and there€™s been a lot of talk about us doing Sucker Punch in 3-D, but I€™m still waiting to see.€ €œWe€™ve looked at a bunch of conversions, so whether or not we have the time to do it right €” I€™m not going to do it if we don€™t have the time to really be meticulous with it,€ he said. €œIt€™s such an awesome piece of work and everyone€™s worked so hard to make it awesome, so I don€™t want to screw it up with bad 3-D.€ You'd think that someone with the visual style of Zack Snyder would be first on board the 3D bandwagon, but as the old saying goes, never judge a book by it's cover. Or in this case, by its track record. Snyder seems to have his mind and heart in the right place, and I'm hoping more and more filmmakers step-up to put an end to the post-production 3D conversion process. If you really want to make a movie in 3D, do it the right way ala James Cameron and / or Michael Bay (Transformers 3). In any event, Warner Bros. will have the final say in the issue, but I wouldn't be surprised if they allowed Snyder's film to fly sans 3D, since the man has produced some fine work for the studio. Sucker Punch centers on a girl named Babby Doll (Emily Browning) in the 1950's who enters an alternative reality with her friendsto escape a mental institution her evil step father (Gerard Plunkett) has placed her in, with the plan to lobotimze her in five days. Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie, Jamie Chung as Amber, Jena Malone as Rocket and Abbie Cornish as Sweetpea play the friends. Carla Gugino (as a nurse), Jon Hamm (as the owner of a Brothel) Scott Glenn and Oscar Isaac support. About Sucker Punch, Snyder teased about having some footage at the San Diego Comic-Con. "We€™re coming to Comic-Con to show the first footage from the movie. We€™ve designed this awesome footage that kind of sets the tone. It doesn€™t really tell the story per se, but it definitely lets you know what we€™re up to up there. It€™s pretty cool.€ Color me hyped! Sucker Punch opens next March.


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