Zack Snyder’s Justice League: 27 WTF Moments

25. Wonder Woman Murders The Terrorists

Zack Snyder's Justice League Wonder Woman
Warner Bros.

What's sure to be one of the most controversial changes to the theatrical release is the sequence where Wonder Woman rescues the London schoolchildren from a terrorist attack.

While in the Whedon Cut the scene is completely bloodless and it's only implied Diana incapacitates the terrorists, the Snyder Cut makes it abundantly clear she kills them.

As she smacks the terrorists around, they fly into walls and leave large bloodstains, and when she takes on the leader of the group, it's implied she effectively melts him with her bracelets.

Oh, and she causes enough destruction to rain a ton of rubble down on the police waiting outside, which probably caused at least an injury or two.

As much of an improvement as this cut is, Snyder's commitment to depicting superheroes as careless murderers is sure to remain contentious.


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