Zack Snyder's new movie takes a few more SUCKER PUNCHES!

Zack Snyder's original cast for his $100 million, all female, set in the 1960€™s, R-rated, €œAlice in Wonderland with machine guns€ film Sucker Punch are quickly being dismembered, and it's beginning to look like the girls he is going to work with are going to be the B-team. Last month we reported that lead Amanda Seyfried couldn't get out of her deal on the t.v. show Big Love to star in the picture as Baby Doll, a girl confined to a mental institution by her evil stepfather, who intends to have her lobotomized in five days. She was quickly replaced by Emily Browning, a disappointing choice I hate to say it after I saw the stilted performance she gave in The Uninvited recently. the-uninvited-trailer-emily-browning-3171754-1280-720The Hollywood Reporter say the same kind of "scheduling conflicts" have forced Emma Stone and Evan Rachel Wood to drop out too, as some of the inmates in Baby Doll's mental insitution. Their replacements are lesser known actresses', who may come in for less money which might be good news for Warner Bros. who could be nervous about the potential of this film after Snyder's Watchmen didn't hit the figure they wanted. Stone's replacement is Jamie Chung who played Chi Chi in Dragonball Evolution and lends her voice and image to the Command and Conqueror video games... asdgfgJena Malone, a talented actress who you probably remember from Donnie Darko and Into the Wild replaces Wood... malone_jena At this point in time, Vanessa Hudgens and Abbie Cornish are still on board the picture, aiming for a October 2010 release at WB but I can't see them staying attached for long. Especially Hudgens who can't have been cheap to secure in the first place and has gotta see the dropping out of her peers as a sign to jump ship. Maybe WB will push her first because at the moment, she is the biggest star of a picture that will need to recoup $100 million!

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