Zak Penn re-writing The Dirty Dozen remake

dirty_dozen.jpgWarner Brothers stupid remake of The Dirty Dozen has found itself a new writer. X-Men 3 and Behind Enemy Lines scribe Zak Penn has been hired to re-write the original script drafted by Scott Rosenberg and two writers of Alias which set out to contemporize the 1967 original. The Dirty Dozen for those who haven't seen it, revolves around 12 convicted murderers who get trained by US Major Lee Marvin for a mass assassination mission, where the chances of surviving are slim. It's a mighty fun war flick and one that despite it's flaws, is hard to imagine being improved upon. I mean for a start, how do you re-cast Lee Marvin who was just off the charts in this movie. It's interesting this movie is being written at the same time Quentin Tarantino is writing Inglorious Bastards. Both World War 2 movies revolve around a big team of soldiers and will rely on a big cast grouping of film stars, and hell The Dirty Dozen will be one of the movies Tarantino will be homaging if you will. Could one movie hurt the other, or will the exposure of each benefit them? source - variety
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