Zemeckis casts Hoskins & Carrey in A Christmas Carol

Robert Zemeckis has become absolutely obsessed with the motion capture technique of film-making. It first started with the creepy "Tom Hanks is everyone" movie The Polar Express and will continue this fall with the fantasy epic Beowulf. Now comes word from Empire Online that Zemeckis' next film will be an adaptation of the already much adapted Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol which you guessed it... will be shot using motion capture techniques. In a great bit of casting, Zemeckis has hired Jim Carrey to play the miserable Ebenezer Scrooge however I would suggest that it's important for Carrey to avoid his Ace Ventura over-the-top routine, especially with the film not being in live-action. Bob Hoskins has also been cast for the small role of Mr. Fezziwig, which see's him re-team with his Who Framed Rogger Rabbit director for the first time in nearly twenty years. A Christmas Carol has been adapted in some cinematic or theatrical form for nearly 100 years now, many of which have just been the same "paint by the numbers" stuff. At least this adaptation is trying something different but the fact that the movie is set at Christmas time will just bring back memories of how lifeless that festival was portrayed in The Polar Express was. Christmas movies need soul, and that one lacked it completely.

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