10 "Secret" Upcoming Video Games We Already Know About

9. Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 8

Though Resident Evil 7 was released over three years ago to critical and commercial success, Capcom still hasn't officially confirmed a mainline follow-up, opting instead to focus on remaking the second and third games in the series.

But with the publisher reportedly having no plans to remake Resident Evil 4, it seems dead certain that Resident Evil 8 will be their next priority, backed up by recent supposed leaks about the game.

These leaks suggest RE8 will take place in a snowy European setting, possibly a remote island, with a castle and general medieval aesthetic not dissimilar to Resident Evil 4.

However, there's a lot of conflict about whether or not the game will stick to RE7's first-person perspective or return to third-person, and also if the game will support VR devices.

We probably shouldn't expect the game until at least mid-2021, but given that Capcom has no other obvious Resident Evil titles on the horizon, there's virtually no chance they aren't working on RE8, whatever form it eventually takes.


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