10 Addictive Video Games That Totally Destroyed Your Social Life

Just don't make me go outside!

How many times have you fobbed off your friends, your significant other or your family to squeeze in an extra few hours of game time? Come on, be honest, we're not here to judge you. On the contrary, we're here to let you know we understand your plight, and know all-too-well how difficult it can be to resist the allure of a world built entirely for you to play around in. Some people just don't get it. How could you prefer to spend the weekend exploring an uncharted world full of magic, dragons and giant swords instead of getting utterly smashed. How could you be so rude as to ignore the person insistent on talking to you on the bus by furiously trying to kill pigs by throwing birds at them Listen everyone, it's not as if we have a choice here. These games aren't going to play themselves, we've paid good money to play them and we've become so seduced by their charm that quitting now isn't an option. The real world isn't going to up-and-disappear like a fart in the wind - it'll be there for the foreseeable future. We can't say when we'll finally be willing to leave the house - but it'll happen eventually. But who needs a social life anyway? Especially when the games that destroyed it are as excellent as these...
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