10 More Brutally Difficult First-Person Shooter Levels In Video Game History

9. Metropolis - Serious Sam: The First Encounter

Wolfenstein II The New Colossus

Serious Sam is known for one thing above all: firefights of ludicrous scale set in massive arenas against simply stupid numbers of enemies. And we do mean stupid – some levels feature a monster count in excess of 2000. Dealing with those kinds of numbers demands real finesse, requiring players to utilise every available millimetre to coax the horde into manageable chunks.

Metropolis duly plays by the rules - except, that is, for one area, dubbed ‘the corridor’ by fans. An ominously confined canyon of dirt and straight walls, any feeling that something is badly wrong is confirmed when you suddenly find yourself facing a stream of rampaging, bolas-firing Kleer nigh-on a hundred strong.

It’s a case of mow down the horde or die. You cannot afford to miss a single shot: let just one enemy get behind you and it's all over. Worse, the game does this to you not once, but twice, with the second encounter upping the ante by throwing bulldozing Werebulls into the mix.

Sheer dogged persistence – and a bowl of cold Aspirin – is the only way to stay sane in the face of this mind-numbing assault.

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