10 Video Game Endings That Were Profoundly Insulting

"Oh, you wanted to see how this ends? That'll be another £10".

star wars the force unleashed 2 ending

There has been a bit of a shift in how video games get designed across the last few years.

No longer do we get boss battles, puzzle-based mission designs or overly hard enemies. Instead, thanks to the industry being bigger than ever, there's an inherent need to placate the middle-man, the lowest common denominator. There's a fear that when so much money is being funnelled into any given product, the consumer just might not get their money's worth if they get roadblocked or impeded somewhere down the line.

As such, it's become a 'thing' that people just don't finish their games, and to that end, you'll see many modern developers prioritise the opening hours, the initial stretch of unlocking game mechanics or delivering the best parts of their story upfront, rather than worry about where it's all going to go.

To stick with a game in the face of such a front-loaded structure means you're truly dedicated, and with dedication should come some sense of reward. After all, unlike an evening at the movies, the average game will suck up more than 10 hours of your life, meaning that if you do stick around, what's waiting at the end had better be worth it.

Get that wrong, and you might just go down in history for all the wrong reasons...

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