10 Video Games That Missed Out The Money Shot

9. Akuma's Raging Demon Attack - Street Fighter

God Of War

It's reasonable to expect fighting games to give the player total agency over their attacks, allowing them to savour every bone-breaking manoeuvre they pull off.

Yet there is one amusing, decades-old exception, and that's Street Fighter's Akuma, whose ultra-powerful Raging Demon attack has never been shown to players in its entirety.

Though its exact execution has evolved over the years, it typically sees Akuma giving off flames and grabbing his opponent before the screen goes black, at which point we see only flashes indicating that he's delivered a brutal flurry of hits to the other fighter.

Since Akuma's introduction in 1994's Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the Raging Demon has become of the character's signature traits.

However, the more recent Street Fighter V did extend an olive branch to curious players by actually showing a good number of the hits before cutting to a shadowy aesthetic that concealed most of the detail for the rest of the move.

With Street Fighter 6 recently revealed and set for release next year, it'll be interesting to see whether or not Capcom lifts any more of the veil on the Raging Demon. For many fans, the mystique is simply part of the fun.


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