20 Best NES Games Of All Time

18. Metroid

super mario bros 3

The original Metroid has its problems. It's a game where you spend half of your time lost because sometimes your way forward is locked behind bombing random walls, every room looks the same, and there is never anything close to a clear direction.

However, there's also a lot to enjoy about the game from a modern perspective. This might be the most atmospheric title on the system, the exploration is a lot of fun even if it does often get confusing, and Metroid encourages you to learn the game inside out and speedrun the title which is inherently fun, although the reward you get for fast times being Samus with fewer clothes on is a bit weird.

Also, the original Metroid started a completely new genre with the Metroidvania. It deserves respect.

The thing is though, with games like Super Metroid and even this game's remake Metroid: Zero Mission existing there's not much point going back to this one unless you want to see where it all started, but that doesn't mean that Metroid isn't a pretty good time.


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