8 Infuriating Video Game Prank Callers

7. Otis - Dead Rising

Swinging wildly from one instance of people accidentally phoning real life numbers to a person who you would never want calling you in real life and will always send to voicemail, ladies and gentlemen I present to you Otis Washington from Dead Rising.

Now here's the thing, I absolutely adore the Dead Rising franchise, except bits of Dead Rising 3 and nearly all of Dead Rising 4, but still there's something so amazingly enchanting about the overall experience. It's a tense race against time that also manages to lean so heavily on the stupid and over the top spectacle that you will find yourself laughing as much as you will be swearing at the survivors for not using an ounce of brain power to avoid the ravenous hordes.

In fact juggling their wellbeing, a zombie outbreak and a tonne of the living who have gone rogue is so intense that the last thing that you want to do is speak to Old Otis about the goings on in the rest of the mall.

It's like "Can't you see I'm busy trying not to get munched on?" but does the man listen? Of course not and will actually chastise you for hanging up on him, thus making his messages both untimely, annoying and guilt ridden as well. Well at least he passed on before he had to see what they did to Frank in Dead Rising 4.

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