8 Ultra Satisfying Video Game Moments Where You Finally Got Revenge

5. Finally Getting Home - The Warriors

Jules vs Handsome Jack

The 1979 film The Warriors is one of my favourite movies ever made. It's ludicrous, it's campy, it's over the top and in many places... kinda crap. But I love the designs, I love the characters and I love the idea that the group just wants to get back to their turf where they can fight on their own terms.

And so I was completely bowled over by the video game adaptation not just because it was utterly brilliant, but because it hits all of the high points of the film while adding in even more depth which fuels this story with a good dose of revenge. Originally The Warriors are created because they were betrayed by their old gang The Destroyers. Helping them get vengeance is a brilliant tale in its own right, but the final battle with The Rogues who wrongly accused The Warriors of killing Cyrus in the beginning is genuinely exhilarating.

As you beat up Luthor in one on one combat, then best him when he plays dirty, you get to vent all that rage of being unfairly hunted by all the other gangs for so long, and it culminates in a beatdown so brutal that even the credits can't steal focus.

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