8 Utterly Mind-Blowing Dark Souls Trilogy Fan Theories

7. Golden King Jeremiah Is Infected By A Massive Parasite

Ornstein and smough fan theory

If you've spent any time playing a Dark Souls game online, chances are you've come across someone wearing King Jeremiah's headpiece. It's notable for being absolutely huge: A tall, yellow-bandaged bowling pin that sprouts from the wearer's head. As goofy as it looks, it may actually serve a much darker purpose.

For a start, the headpiece bears a striking resemblance to a certain parasite in Blighttown that's stuck to a wall - the shape is nearly identical. Near the parasite you find a whip, and King Jeremiah is the only enemy in the game to use such a weapon.

There's also the fact that Jeremiah uses chaos pyromancies to fight you, and the parasite is found on the path to Izalith, home to this form of pyromancy. Lastly, he's found in the Painted World, a realm things are banished to, in order to protect the outside world.

Is it possible he chose to exile himself once infected? The bandages suggest something quite sinister is lurking beneath. Original concept art for the character also shows tiny, worm-like creatures sprouting from Jeremiah's headpiece and body. How lovely.

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