8 Utterly Mind-Blowing Dark Souls Trilogy Fan Theories

Praise the speculation!

Ornstein and smough fan theory

Aside from difficulty, Dark Souls is known for its cryptic yet incredibly rewarding storytelling. Plots unfold via environmental clues, item descriptions and logical connections. There is very little exposition in the Dark Souls series, and practically no narration.

Yet, bother to pay attention to all these details and the world of Dark Souls becomes a fascinating place. This unique form of storytelling makes Dark Souls incredibly ripe for fan theories and speculation, and over the years there have developed a number of fascinating discussion points.

Spawning three games, the Dark Souls series is like a cryptic (and brutally difficult!) Rubik's Cube just waiting to be solved by eager players.

From the tragic backstory behind one of game's easiest bosses, to the reason those pesky Mimic chests exist in the first place, here are eight utterly mind-blowing Dark Souls fan theories.

8. Pinwheel Is A Man, Wife And Child Fused Into One Body

Ornstein and smough fan theory

If you've only played Dark Souls once, chances are you might not even remember Pinwheel. If you do, you probably remember him as that boss in the Catacombs that was surprisingly, mercifully easy. Though fans of the series commonly regard Pinwheel as something of a joke, there's a lot of interesting lore speculation surrounding him.

Pinwheel is a single body wearing three masks: Mask Of The Father, Mask Of The Mother and Mask Of The Child. The theory states that after his wife and child passed away, the man attempted to find a way to resurrect his family (hence why he's found near Gravelord Nito, God of Death). Meddling with dark magic is risky business, however, and the family was fused together as a single entity.

Mask Of The Father's item description talks of the great burden the man carries, which appears to be entirely literal, as the Mask Of The Father is the lowest on Pinwheel, as if under the cloak he's carrying the Mother and Child. There's also the fact that players fight Pinwheel in a crypt filled with hundreds of books, as if he's desperately researching some sort of fix. And to top it all off, one of Pinwheel's main attacks is separating itself, as if trying to split back into three different entities.

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