9 Times Gaming Was Too Real

Yeah that's... just uncomfortable.

the last of us
Naughty Dog

Have you ever had one of those times where a game genuinely took over your entire mind?

Time falls away, the hours ticking by as you reemerge to find "Hey, it's 3am. I should probably do something other than try to beat God of War in one sitting"?

Because there's something about video games being a constantly active medium - a setup that requires at least enough attention to progress the story through engagement and button presses - that can create a state of pure symbiosis. Sometimes I'll find myself thinking of entirely different things, all while grinding through an open-world or mopping up side-quests, my brain planning what to do after I've felled some giant boss with three faces.

All of this represents the power of being connected to incredibly emotive and viscerally engaging entertainment, and as games have come to depict more realistic scenarios or emotive imagery, we too get drawn in even more.

For all sorts of reasons, video games can really burrow their way into our psyches, and the fallout can be everything from fascinating to horrifying, and everything in between.

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