PS5: 9 Massive Problems Fans Won't See Coming

Did we all forget what happened before this generation?


As the current console generation slowly winds down - albeit with one year left to go - all eyes begin focusing on what's next.

We know Google Stadia will be pioneering an all-streaming gaming platform, Microsoft are set to drop two models at the same time for their codenamed "Xbox Scarlett", and Nintendo... will no doubt do something surprising you couldn't predict with a few hundred fortune tellers.

Back to Sony though, as their runaway success this generation was less a product of any concrete game plan, and instead, what they didn't do.

All Sony had to do was hang back, let Microsoft make the first blunderous move with the Xbox One and its DRM, always-online, can't-trade-games setup, then be everything that console was not. "For the players" was born, and a patronising "how to trade games on PS4" buried the competition overnight.

It was such a roundly successful trouncing, Microsoft have been playing catchup ever since.

However, as we know from the last time Sony were on top with the PS3's unveiling, they're not so great at leading the way.

I obviously hope Sony succeed, and their embracement of first-party titles this generation has been exemplary, but I'd be lying if I was entirely confident at this stage.

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