Red Dead Redemption 2: What Happened To Every Character

23. Abigail Roberts


Status: Alive

The entire finale revolved around Arthur getting Abigail, John and Jack out of the gang and away from the Pinkertons unscathed, with the epilogue catching up with them living a new life. The friction between Abbie and her husband means this newfound freedom is short-lived though, and she takes off with Jack until John can pull himself together.

He does eventually embrace his responsibilities, and wins Abigail back in a tender sequence where the two go on a date and get their photograph taken. The game ends with the family peering over their new ranch but, sadly, that happiness isn't going to last.

Red Dead Redemption 1 sees her (along with Jack) being held hostage by the Pinkertons as a means to get John to hunt down and kill his former brothers in arms. Form there, she watches those same men betray her husband, and dies off-screen a few years later, leaving Jack to fend for himself.


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