Spider-Man PS4: 10 Beloved Costumes Fans Need To See

10. Future Foundation Spider-Man

Marvel Comics

Despite the resemblance to Anti-Venom, this costume is ace, and it's actually one of the only outfits that Peter Parker has ever been seen using on a regular basis outside of the original.

Given to Parker following Johnny Storm's death and his joining of the Future Foundation group on his behalf, this gives the suit a lot of emotional significance, as well as the fact it's just plain awesome.

Made up of unstable molecules (much like a lot of Fantastic Four equipment), the white and black of this outfit is unlike anything Spider-Man has ever used before.

One of the big technical aspects of the suit is the fact that anyone who wears it can instantly access a 'stealth mode' version of the suit which reverses the colour scheme and makes it primarily black. This is such an obvious choice for the special ability for the costume, but that's because it would work so well.

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