Spider-Man PS4: 10 Beloved Costumes Fans Need To See

9. Identity Crisis Spider-Man


Out of all of the outfits presented to us in the Identity Crisis Spider-Man storyline, Ricochet is easily the most interesting one. Sorry, Hornet.

The fact that Ricochet looks so different to the usual Spider-Man is exactly what makes him cool. The mask and staff in particular are a big part of what makes this outfit better than the rest, and unlike Hornet and Prodigy, it isn't comically bad.

Despite having a completely different style and colour scheme, Ricochet still retains all of Spider-Man's abilities, aside from the use of Spider-Sense. This could be incorporated into the costume by having Ricochet be a challenge costume for players to use when they want the game to be more difficult.

Alternatively, Ricochet also has the use of his staff and throwing disks which could change up both the melee and ranged combat. The fact that Ricochet is supposed to be a villain could also play into gameplay by having his special ability be blending into criminals.

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