The Best 2021 Video Game NOBODY Played

Forget Deathloop, Resident Evil Village and Halo Infinite.

prey for the gods
No Matter Games

What if Shadow of the Colossus created a genre?

2005's medium-expanding masterwork is easily one of the most seminal and iconic releases of all time... but it's also never been expanded on. Yes, we got a gorgeous remake in 2018 and Team ICO carried over a general animation feel in 2016's The Last Guardian, but that's about it.

Thankfully, developers No Matter Studio were clearly huge fans of SotC as an overall construct, and set about crafting something that's two-parts tribute, and one-part fleshing this template out even more.


Enter Praey for the Gods (its name the result of a random legal battle with Bethesda over the word "Prey"), and something I'd been anticipating for seven years, that turned out VERY well indeed.

You can check the video below for a full breakdown of everything this game gets so right - I kinda played the whole thing in just about one sitting - but we're talking huge, inventive and varied bosses, neatly rewarding survival mechanics, upgrade trees and a detailed, lore-rich world that channels all the right amounts of Breath of the Wild.


From a climbing system letting you mantle up any surface to a sailcloth that encourages the biggest leaps of faith - plus a grappling hook knitting it all together - I had a blast with Praey for the Gods, and you should too.

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