The IMPOSSIBLE Fortnite Quiz: How Well Will You Do?

Do you know your Tactical Shotguns from your Grill Sergeants?

Epic Games

Everybody knows the worldwide phenomenon of Fortnite. Whether good or bad, it is everywhere. The game has spread across the world like nothing else, helping revolutionise a new movement of survival-shooters. Epic games managed to stumble on the magic formula to create a truly ‘epic game’, generating over $1 billion within the first year of its console release through in-game sales alone.

Fortnite has become a true marvel, and has seen the big boys of the shooting genre adapt the same formula for the next instalment of their franchises.

With such a large following, it’s time to test your knowledge. How well do you know Fortnite?

1. Which Of The Following Is Not A Location In Fortnite?


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