10 Horror Movies With The Most Shocking Monster Reveals

9. The Parasites - Cloverfield

Wendigo Antlers
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When talking about big monster reveals in the 2008 movie Cloverfield, the obvious choice would be to discuss the moment cameras first catch a good glimpse of the massive alien creature destroying New York City.

But enough has been written about ol' Clover over the years. It's time to talk about its friends.

In news footage of the attack, mysterious small creatures are seen dropping off Clover's back and attacking passers-by. The audience doesn't see much of these things until the heroes of the movie head into the subway.

Whilst Rob, Lily, Hud, and Marlena are in the tunnels, they encounter these so-called "parasites", which turn out to be vicious spider-like beings about the same size as they are.

The humans eventually fight the parasites off, but not before Marlena gets bitten by one, which was really the last thing anyone needed at this point.

These spindly suckers serve as the perfect foil to the gigantic, menacing Clover; they're small, agile, and can hide in dark places, bringing a new dimension of terror to this already horrendous situation.

Hopefully, the army had a giant flip-flop to deal with them.

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