10 Horror Movies With The Most Shocking Monster Reveals

8. The Skull Bear - Annihilation

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What would you do if a weird glowing dome suddenly appeared out of nowhere?

If you answered "go in and poke around", then A) you're a maniac and B) you'd fit right in with the characters in this 2018 sci-fi horror.

Natalie Portman's Lena leads a team of scientists and soldiers on an expedition into "The Shimmer", a scientific anomaly caused by a meteor strike some years earlier.

Whilst inside The Shimmer, the group finds that any living thing that stays there long enough is mutated into something new. This is bad news for Cassie, whose mind ends up implanted inside a disfigured bear.

The Skull Bear, so named because of its skinless head, finds the team after they have been tied to some chairs, which is really bad news for them.

As if the creature's appearance wasn't bad enough, its roars have been replaced with Cassie's dying screams, which is just about the worst thing that's ever happened ever.

The Skull Bear quickly became the prevailing symbol of Annihilation and with good reason. Its reveal is both viscerally horrible and psychologically distressing; a bad combo for anyone looking to get a good night's sleep.

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