10 More Dumb Decisions In Horror Movies That Got The Villain Killed

What did these idiots think was going to happen?

Anaconda Jon Voight Death
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Horror villains come in many forms, including monsters, demons, cannibals, possessed snowmen, and serial-killing gingerbread men.

Although their appearance, methods, and motivations can vary tremendously, antagonists in this genre tend to share one trait - they have a knack for outmanoeuvring and outsmarting everyone who stands in their way. Even if the big bad is tied up, knocked out, or on the brink of death, they usually find a way to slip away. For this reason, putting these villains in the ground for good should be anything but easy.

But as we've mentioned before, evildoers are occasionally defeated by their own stupidity. Despite the fact some bad eggs have brains to spare, they perform the dumbest act possible when they're moments away from victory. Sometimes, the hero doesn't have to interfere, since they know for a fact their enemy will be undone by their own actions.

Although the villains on this list acted like they had their wits about them for the most part, they seemed to drop a good 50 IQ points in one key scene, which ended up getting themselves killed.

10. Paul Serone Wants the Snake Alive - Anaconda

Anaconda Jon Voight Death

In this unintentionally hilarious creature feature, a film crew are taken hostage by deranged snake hunter, Paul Serone (played by a delightfully OTT Jon Voight). Serone intends to use the crew to help him capture the world's biggest anaconda, measuring an unprecedented 40ft in length. 

In the climax, Serone ties up two crew members and bathes them in animal blood to lure the massive predator out. Sadly, things don't work out, since Serone finds himself being swallowed whole by the monstrous creature before being barfed out while already half-ingested.

What makes this death more ridiculous is how avoidable it was. While the anaconda was laser-focused on constricting her prey, Serone had the perfect kill shot. However, the Paraguayan huntsman was so set on capturing the gigantic cryptid alive, he intended to merely sedate it.

But why? Discovering the biggest snake in existence would've garnered him fame and fortune, regardless of whether it was alive or not. Even though he would've received more recognition if he brought the specimen in alive, why risk it? Throughout the movie, Serone had serious trouble dealing with a 25ft long anaconda. Did he really think he was equipped to take down a reptile nearly twice that size?

Sadly, Serone only learned the error of his ways once he found himself quite literally inside the belly of the beast.

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