20 Things You Somehow Missed In Scream 3

Revisiting the slasher franchise's most polarising entry.

Scream 3 Sidney

Though the Scream franchise currently sits in an awkward state of limbo as production on the planned seventh movie remains on pause, for roughly a decade it seemed like Scream 3 was going to have the last word on Wes Craven's hit slasher franchise.

The 2000 trilogy-capping threequel was hugely hyped following the success of the first two films, yet ended up releasing to wildly mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, while also grossing slightly less than both prior movies.

Scream 3 is nevertheless far from a cynical, no-effort horror sequel, and certainly has its fair share of defenders today.

Yet even the film's most vocal cheerleaders might've missed every last Easter egg, reference, and surprising detail about the movie and its production.

The third Scream was produced under considerable creative constraints, likely explaining its polarising nature, and if you keep your eyes peeled, much of that is evident in the language of the movie itself.

Elsewhere, Scream 3 is a movie packed to the gills with visual details you almost certainly missed on an initial viewings, and they're honestly sly enough you probably still haven't noticed most of them either...

20. The Reason That Cotton Removes His Jacket

Scream 3 Sidney

In Scream 3's opening sequence, Cotton Weary (Liev Schreiber) races home to stop Ghostface from killing his girlfriend Christine (Kelly Rutherford), and after arriving getting inside, you might remember that one of the first things he does is remove his nice white jacket.

Seems like a bit of an odd thing to do when scouring your house for a psycho killer, right? Why waste precious seconds fiddling around with your clothes when Ghostface is on the prowl?

Except, this was added into the scene at the request of Liev Schreiber himself, who had been hitting the gym in the lead up to shooting and evidently wanted to give audiences a front row seat to the gun show. 

And considering how jacked the guy looks in the movie, can you really blame him?

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