10 2010s Musicians Destined To Be One-Hit Wonders

Take the money and run.

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While we live in an age where Billy Ray Cyrus can come back from 1992 to co-feature in the biggest song of the year, late-career comebacks in music are rare. Most of the time, for artists that only score one hit in their career, there is little chance of lightning striking twice.

So, in the spirit of the end of the decade, let's take a look back at ten musicians who probably won't get a second hit in the 2020s. We're talking little chance of another global smash hit like they had the first time.

The artist has had to have their song chart either the UK or the US at least to make the list here. As long as their sole hit was from 2010-2019, they qualify for this list.

Come take a trip down memory lane listening to these 2010s musicians that are probably going to end-up as One-Hit Wonders.

10. Lilly Wood And The Prick

In any decade, a French folk pop duo would be lucky to have one hit let alone two. Lilly Wood and the Prick’s only hit came in 2014 as German DJ Robin Shulz remixed their track Prayer in C. While the two-time UK no. 1 DJ has struggled to remix a string of hits since, Lilly Wood and the Prick could not maintain a second hit outside of France or Belgium before or after the hit.

It is worth listening to the original to appreciate the talent of those musicians, and the craft put into the remix as well.

Number one in eight European countries and number 23 in the US, Lilly Wood and the Prick last released an album in 2015.

The band last performed live in 2016, but according to a recent Instagram post could be on their way back from hiatus. Don’t expect another hit though. It is rare DJs remix multiple tracks from the same artists, and a 2020s folk-revival is impossible.

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