10 21st Century Rock/Metal Albums That Never Got A Sequel

7. Blackhole - Dead Hearts

From one Carter to another. In the late-2000s, Frank’s little brother Richard Carter fronted the cult underground hardcore pack Blackhole. A popular DIY outfit that became a hallmark of the UKHC scene of the time alongside The Ghost of a Thousand, Dead Swans, and Gallows, Blackhole earned themselves plaudits for their Every Time I Die-by-way-of-Hemel Hempstead sound, eventually releasing their debut album Dead Hearts in 2009.

Despite their ramping popularity and momentum, which also included support slots for Underoath, Cancer Bats, and ETID, Blackhole would suddenly separate in 2010. Later in an interview with Metal Hammer, Richard explained that a new job and the sudden realisation of adulthood meant priorities had to shift, which meant the sacrifice of the band.

Over the years, members of the band occupied themselves with various musical projects, including Richard playing alongside the third Carter brother Steph, in the short-lived alt rock outfit The Ghost Riders in the Sky. Blackhole was revived in 2015 to support Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes on their debut album tour, and a new album was announced in 2016, however, as is the case in a few of these entries, it’s been deathly quiet on the social medias for years, with no additional news coming from the camp since 2017.


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