10 '60s Albums Every Rock Fan Should Own

The psychedelic treasure trove.

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The '60s will always been known as the decade that rock broke. Though the start of rock and roll dates back to the '50s with Chuck Berry and Little Richard, the British Invasion really kicked the genre into high gear, with everyone now brandishing electric guitars.

The genre may have been becoming a household name, but little did we know we were just starting to scratch the surface of what rock could do.

As each year went by, it seemed like one more influential record would come along to change the way we thought about the genre, with fuzz pedals to psychedelic soundscapes becoming the new norm. Beyond the technical side, most of these records held up as fine pieces of art, with lyrical topics that dealt with the social unrest being felt in the world.

With the Vietnam War underway and the peace revolutions set in motion, these albums provided just the right backdrop of sonic chaos to fit right in amongst the shifting landscape. These might not be your favorite records, but there's a good chance they could be your favorite bands' favorite records.

Some of these albums may be more celebrated than others, but if these aren't somewhere in your record collection, it's time for a cold stare in the mirror.

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