10 60s Albums That Shaped Rock

The foundations built from Peace and Love.


The 1960's were a turbulent time for rock and roll. Back in the 50's, rock was treated like a passing fad genre. "Give it just a few more years and it'll die out" they said. Needless to say, rockers would have the last laugh on that one.

Rather than fade into obscurity, rock became one of the prominent artistic expressions throughout the 1960's. Music became much more than just trivial love songs to play in the background of a house party. These songs were like weapons that artists used to combat the cultural norms of how life was "supposed to go."

The overall sound of rock music expanded as well as the decade went on. Many genres had their apex towards the end of the 1960's such as hard rock, heavy metal, psychedelia, and singer-songwriter rock. Now rock could mean anything from Simon and Garfunkel to Deep Purple.

This list compiles a snapshot of the types of changes that were underway in the 1960's. Many of these innovations would go on to influence masses of fans to pick up instruments and form their own bands. So let's take a trip through the cultural touchstones from the era of the Summer of Love.

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