10 Absolutely Insane Rider Requests By Spoilt Musicians

9. A Bald, Toothless Prostitute - Marilyn Manson

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The shock-rock god himself, Marilyn Manson is no stranger to outrageous controversy. His satanic image and rebellious lyrics have made him a target of the media and anxious parents for over 30 years. Although Manson himself comes across as a very calm, collected and reflective person in interviews, he is a different beast entirely when he goes onstage and is without a doubt one of the most incredible performers in music history.

So, what does the Antichrist Superstar get up to backstage before he lathers himself in fake blood and tears up the pages of a bible? Well, it's surprisingly tame in comparison to the others on this list as it consists of things such as high quality chocolate, champagne, Absinthe, gummy bears, Doritos, cereal, oh and also a toothless, bald prostitute too!

When asked about it in an interview, Manson stated that he put that on the list because if there was anybody like that in the world, he would like to meet them. To this day, we don't know whether that wish was granted but rest assured, they certainly wouldn't have shared a bag of gummy bears with him.

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