10 Albums From The '60s That Changed Rock History

9. The Doors - The Doors

Most of the biggest acts that were coming out of rock in the ‘60s usually had to be coming from England. The British Invasion helped kick the decade off with something a lot more forward thinking, and even people like Jimi Hendrix got his big break on British soil before cracking America. The back half of the decade called for change, and all eyes focused on California for one of the most off the wall bands of the decade.

When you look at the rise of a band like the Doors, it’s almost a miracle that they managed to come together in the first place, being descendents of the folk, blues, and jazz world and somehow coming together to play rock and roll. This was always more than just rock and roll to Jim Morrison though, looking at his lyrics like poetry and unleashing a caged beast every time he stepped up to the microphone, from the primal scream of Back Door Man to the wild experimentation going on the last song The End.

More than anything, this was just a symbol of where rock was heading in the next decade, balancing the smooth sounds of early rock and roll with the more sleazy side of life, as Morrison would soon become one of the ultimate frontman models that everyone tried to model themselves on. The Beatles may have told us that all we needed was love, but we were in for something a little bit different the minute that Jim asked us to light his fire.

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