10 Albums That Are Difficult To Listen To

9. Trout Mask Replica - Captain Beefheart

Ever since the '60s, Captain Beefheart has certainly earned the title of being one of the biggest weirdos in the history of rock and roll. To say that this man has an eclectic taste in music would be drastically underselling it, with most of his songs running the gamut from unhinged blues rock to some of the most challenging music ever conceived by man. Though Trout Mask Replica showed him and his Magic Band getting even more delightfully weird, there's a good chance most people will think this is the most annoying thing they've ever heard.

Across this record, Beefheart gives Frank Zappa a run for his money in a bid for who can out-strange the other, with most of these songs feeling like they're being taken from totally different recordings. While you can call what this band does here magical, it's only in the way that you can't possibly imagine who greenlit this project in the first place.

There is definitely an audience for this though, with the more outlandish bits and pieces of this album becoming prime meme fodder when the Internet first reared its head. Hell, there are even some people who would put this in the ranks of one of the greatest albums of all time. You can call Beefheart just a weirdo on principle, but kudos to him for doing exactly what he set out to do on this record.

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