10 Albums That Changed Rock Music Forever

9. OK Computer - Radiohead

Most of the rock scene seemed pretty much lost in the woods after grunge fell on its face. In the aftermath of Kurt Cobain's suicide, many fans latched onto the first trend they could get their hands on, either jumping on the bandwagon of pop punk or getting even more angsty than they were before once nu metal hit the scene. There was still room for straight ahead rock and roll though, and Radiohead signaled a future that seemed beyond rock and roll altogether.

After being cast as the one hit wonders of the early '90s for their single Creep, what unfolds on OK Computer is a dark look at what society was looking like, as Thom Yorke talks about the dangers that come with technology all while playing some of the most beautiful melodies of the decade, whether it's asking for some carbon monoxide on No Surprises or hoping that all of the straights of the world choke on what they have to offer on the song Exit Music (For a Film).

Even though the sales expectations weren't necessarily as big for them this time around, the power behind the epic Paranoid Android gave them a new lease on life. Escaping the one hit wonder tag is possible, but OK Computer was much more than just a career revival. This was the kind of record that turned the band into gods, and Radiohead were more than willing to shake everything off once Kid A came along just a few years later.

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